We are super proud to announce that KONFETTI has earned 6 more nominations. This time at the KykNet Silwerskerm Festival. The nominations are:

  • Best Editing: Zelmari Degenaar,
  • Best Supporting Actor: Casper De Vries,
  • Best Actor and Best Screenplay: Louw Venter,
  • Best Director: Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat
  • Best Film: Konfetti

According to Karen Meiring (M-Net, Director of African channels), it is a very exciting time in the South African film industry; “The passion and energy in the film industry is palpable. The festival’s main goal is the expansion, growth and development of talent in the film industry. Many jobs are created, but more importantly, it creates the opportunity for our own stories in our own unique way to tell within the context and background of the most beautiful movie set in the world: South Africa.”