Cape Town based premier film financing and production company, Light & Dark Films [LNDF], is proud to announce its RISING STARS investment facility.  LNDF has secured funding for a slate of new local South African feature films that will allow the ten-year old company to fully finance its new films without needing any 3rd party investors.

CEO Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat said “This is an enormous moment for Light and Dark Films. We have worked hard over the past ten years to build a track record of success for our shareholders who believe in the commercial viability of film in South Africa as well as the artistic goals that we want to achieve, and they are rewarding us by backing that success with cash”.

The company is using the new funding facility to develop and support rising talent. LNDF is known for its proudly South African films that have travelled widely internationally and won prizes on every continent. The company will continue its strategy of developing high quality scripts that have strong artistic and commercial merits.

The RISING STARS slate is headed by Fiela Jonck whose mandate is to find and nurture the rising stars of tomorrow. “LNDF is a special environment. It’s built by creatives with a focus on nurturing creative talent. We are super excited about the emerging talent that is all around us and we have been building resources to nurture and support that talent” says Jonck, who has grown up in producing alongside the company.

LNDF is currently evaluating scripts to go in to production early next year. RISING STARS is expecting to produce between 3 and 5 films per year.

CONTACT: Fiela Jonck