About Us

Light and Dark Films is an international award winning film production company.
We specialize in producing and financing prestige feature films for the international market.
movie production company

Over the past 10 years, we have produced 5 feature films and 4 long running TV series that have sold in over 100 territories, which has given us great relationships with the best sales and distribution companies in the world.

Our budget ranges from $5m to $30m, and we are able to bring equity, tax rebate finance, and loan finance in house. The net result of this is that we are able to contribute between 30-50% of the finance budget for a film that we produce, and are typically willing to be the cornerstone financier that makes films happen. Our combination of creative producing and finance skills make us extraordinarily committed to the films we take on.


Film Finance

Over 15 years we have built relationships with film investors across the full spectrum of debt and equity financing. We are able to provide turn-key production finance or individual solutions as needed. Our clients are typically Producers, Directors or other […]

Original Productions

Our DNA is deep in both film and tv production. Having started in TV production and then developed our own film production in parallel we are well versed in all aspects of long-form story-telling. We are the most prolific and […]

Production Service

What began as a desire to work on cool projects with friends has evolved into a full-service production-service offering. We are able to offer industry leading production services with the mindset of Indie-producers. Combined with our ability to raise finance, […]

 We offer physical production services including a sophisticated technical crew, sourcing the best locations, and post-production. We also offer the creation of original content.

We have a proud track record and have set the bar high with our previous achievements. Building on that success means that we are actively seeking projects that have broad international appeal with very high artistic merits.

Our position is unique in South Africa since we can act as creative producers who can back our decisions with real money and act as lead producers or international co-producers where appropriate.