Original Productions

Independent Film Production is a tough business. We do it because we love creating great entertainment. The joy of an Independent production companies is that we get to do what we want to do, mostly, how we want to do it to.

We started out by adapting novels and plays in to small independent movies. As we have grown the scale and ambition of the projects have grown, but as an independent film production company, the question we are always most concerned with is “is this a great story”. Second to that is the size of the canvas that the story demands.

We have invested heavily in development and have a proud record of working with top tier talent through the entire process. We have adapted novels and plays, as well as developed original material in to successful feature films and TV series. We love partnering with large and small independent film and TV producers to bring new stories to life.

Marrying our creative partners with our film and tv investment partners is a particularly rewarding process that is the foundation of all our original productions.

We are well versed in all aspects of long-form story-telling. We are the most prolific and awarded TV and Film production company in South Africa.