Confessions of a Gambler

Feature Film

Confessions of a Gambler

Based on the best-selling novel by Rayda Jacobs, the film has played in competition in Dubai, Miami, Dublin and Granada.
Cast: Rayda Jacobs, Tauriq Jenkins, Steven Pillemar, Sean Michael, Abeeda Scello, Ganief Marcus

When Abeeda, a 49-year-old devout Muslim woman, visits a casino with a friend and wins, she finds herself returning again and again. Her obsession spirals out of control when she declares a spiritual war on god after her gay son contracts AIDS.

Abeeda’s addiction escalates and within a month of the death of her son, she has lost everything and arranges to have her car stolen in order to get insurance money. But things go horribly wrong…

In the end, Abeeda, a headstrong woman must struggles through her addiction and accept the consequences of the choices she has made all her life in order to triumph.